Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.  God Bless.

Friday, November 09, 2012

SketchBook Project 2013

All of a sudden I realised I had better get a wriggle on with this.  I have been busy drawing away and here are some samples of what I have been doing.  Previously I was just in the untitled section but I have now titled it "Strangers".  I really enjoy drawing faces as I find people so interesting.  I find I have to remind myself to listen to what people are saying and stop looking at the play of light on their face or wonder how to depict an eye or a nose!!

I decided to simply draw.  Sometimes I think we forget to create using this very simple and immediate method.  You can do it anywhere and with so many different implements.  I like to use pencils usually 2b - 8b and a carbon pencil.  My secret weapon is tissues for blending.

My subject matter has come from a collection of art books and National Geographic images.     Forgive the copyright image over them but I have had to start doing this to protect my work.  Thanks for taking a look.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

2012 National Works on Paper

Recently I was over the other side of the bay at Mornington.  Whilst there I visited the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.  What a lovely space this is.  However, I had gone there especially to view the National Works on Paper. 

I have been really focused on painting for most of this year so it was with a sense of relief that I wandered around and viewed some really beautiful drawings.  Mind you it was not only drawings as it covers any medium that can be used on paper.  So there was drawing, printmaking, paintings, digital prints and paper sculpture.  Some really gorgeous colour pencil works.

I was particularly inspired by Prudence Flint's beautiful sensitive portraits.  Rendered in pencil of four women, who just looked out at you, just exquisite.  Rew Henks had two wonderous prints in using his recognisable style.  Lots of tone using dots and slashes on lino.  Barbie Kjar's portrait also stood out for me a lovely portrait again, using charcoal and conte.

I have to say I was glad to see so many portraits as I love to look at faces even if I don't know the person.  I came away reinspired to draw with an array of mediums as sometimes I think we can get too caught up in the paint - well I do anyway.  For me it helped me think outside the traditional constraints.

This was the winning piece and amazing.  I could not believe that the image was created with biro!

Winner of the $15 000 Beleura Award:Laith McGregor, The Astronomer 2010

Well worth the visit!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Somethings Not quite right.......

Ever do a painting and you look and look and look and look and you know something is not quite right but cannot work out what!!!  I was feeling like that about the painting I was doing of Pepper which I was working on during the art trail.  Now it was hard to focus there as there were people in and out all the time so I expected it to be a bit off. 

I was just hating it so I photographed the painting put it into photoshop and then overlaid the original photo onto it.  By lowering the opacity I was then able to see through to where I had gone wrong.  Drew a few lines in to mark where things were, printed it off and away I went and I think now the painting is looking much better.  Its not finished but is starting to look better.  I am doing it for my brother who didn't want to celebrate a milestone birthday.  I tried to paint his deceased dogs but they were horrible and I just couldn't turn out a decent image of them then I thought he loves my little dog so I will do a portrait of her and since I love her it is much easier to do.

  Also spent time today working on my entry to the 12x12 exhibition.  Nearly done.



for the 12 x 12 nearly completed

arts trail Surf Coast 2012

11th and 12th August saw the first ever arts trail Surf Coast. The idea is for the public to discover artist who have their studios on the Surf Coast.  Now I didn't think I could ask people to squeeze in under the staircase where I am set up at home.  Luckily there were some joint venues so I was one of the Artists who participated at the Anglesea Art House and was very happy and proud to do so.  It was a great weekend with a steady flow of patrons, particularly on Sunday.

We were each allocated a table to work at and display our work.  It was cosy but a lot of fun.  Very interesting to talk to people about painting. let them watch and get their feedback.  People tended to purchase the greeting cards and my small business cards from Moo were happily depleted by the end of the weekend. 

I would not hesitate to be part of this in the future.  I met Artists who lived in my town who I had never met before always a bonus.  Next year though I will work it so that I can have a look at a few of the other studios.

My part of the Art House
Image I started work on

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It was with interest that I read an article in the Sunday Age (8/7/12) regarding issues of Copyright.  The Painter in question had copied a photograph taken by another Artist who is a Photographer.  The similarities are startling and there is no way you could mistake where the image was sourced from.

It is an issue close to my heart as I have had my Artwork copied several times.   I have a friend who copied one of my images from my blog and then used it to create cards.  When I talked to her about this she was surprised that I found it unacceptable.  Recently I arrived at the shared studio where I was studying to see part of one of my paintings recreated. I was furious - at first I couldn't believe it and then other students mentioned it to me as well.  I did follow this up and the image was altered.

I know that the web and working within the learning environment does make all these issues a little harder to deal with but it is quite simple, acknowledge who created the original image.  It should clearly state "Artwork by ......" or "After.........".  To a certain extent nothing is totally original and this is quite simply a fact of our lives but creating Art is such a personal thing to the Artist and if they have the courage to actually put their work up on the walls of any gallery real or virtual I feel it should be respected.