Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Somethings Not quite right.......

Ever do a painting and you look and look and look and look and you know something is not quite right but cannot work out what!!!  I was feeling like that about the painting I was doing of Pepper which I was working on during the art trail.  Now it was hard to focus there as there were people in and out all the time so I expected it to be a bit off. 

I was just hating it so I photographed the painting put it into photoshop and then overlaid the original photo onto it.  By lowering the opacity I was then able to see through to where I had gone wrong.  Drew a few lines in to mark where things were, printed it off and away I went and I think now the painting is looking much better.  Its not finished but is starting to look better.  I am doing it for my brother who didn't want to celebrate a milestone birthday.  I tried to paint his deceased dogs but they were horrible and I just couldn't turn out a decent image of them then I thought he loves my little dog so I will do a portrait of her and since I love her it is much easier to do.

  Also spent time today working on my entry to the 12x12 exhibition.  Nearly done.



for the 12 x 12 nearly completed

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