Saturday, October 06, 2012

2012 National Works on Paper

Recently I was over the other side of the bay at Mornington.  Whilst there I visited the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.  What a lovely space this is.  However, I had gone there especially to view the National Works on Paper. 

I have been really focused on painting for most of this year so it was with a sense of relief that I wandered around and viewed some really beautiful drawings.  Mind you it was not only drawings as it covers any medium that can be used on paper.  So there was drawing, printmaking, paintings, digital prints and paper sculpture.  Some really gorgeous colour pencil works.

I was particularly inspired by Prudence Flint's beautiful sensitive portraits.  Rendered in pencil of four women, who just looked out at you, just exquisite.  Rew Henks had two wonderous prints in using his recognisable style.  Lots of tone using dots and slashes on lino.  Barbie Kjar's portrait also stood out for me a lovely portrait again, using charcoal and conte.

I have to say I was glad to see so many portraits as I love to look at faces even if I don't know the person.  I came away reinspired to draw with an array of mediums as sometimes I think we can get too caught up in the paint - well I do anyway.  For me it helped me think outside the traditional constraints.

This was the winning piece and amazing.  I could not believe that the image was created with biro!

Winner of the $15 000 Beleura Award:Laith McGregor, The Astronomer 2010

Well worth the visit!


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