Friday, November 09, 2012

SketchBook Project 2013

All of a sudden I realised I had better get a wriggle on with this.  I have been busy drawing away and here are some samples of what I have been doing.  Previously I was just in the untitled section but I have now titled it "Strangers".  I really enjoy drawing faces as I find people so interesting.  I find I have to remind myself to listen to what people are saying and stop looking at the play of light on their face or wonder how to depict an eye or a nose!!

I decided to simply draw.  Sometimes I think we forget to create using this very simple and immediate method.  You can do it anywhere and with so many different implements.  I like to use pencils usually 2b - 8b and a carbon pencil.  My secret weapon is tissues for blending.

My subject matter has come from a collection of art books and National Geographic images.     Forgive the copyright image over them but I have had to start doing this to protect my work.  Thanks for taking a look.

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