Tuesday, August 14, 2012

arts trail Surf Coast 2012

11th and 12th August saw the first ever arts trail Surf Coast. The idea is for the public to discover artist who have their studios on the Surf Coast.  Now I didn't think I could ask people to squeeze in under the staircase where I am set up at home.  Luckily there were some joint venues so I was one of the Artists who participated at the Anglesea Art House and was very happy and proud to do so.  It was a great weekend with a steady flow of patrons, particularly on Sunday.

We were each allocated a table to work at and display our work.  It was cosy but a lot of fun.  Very interesting to talk to people about painting. let them watch and get their feedback.  People tended to purchase the greeting cards and my small business cards from Moo were happily depleted by the end of the weekend. 

I would not hesitate to be part of this in the future.  I met Artists who lived in my town who I had never met before always a bonus.  Next year though I will work it so that I can have a look at a few of the other studios.

My part of the Art House
Image I started work on

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